The Helium are the original Roll-Line© wheels designed to let you skate outdoors on any type of surface.*

  • Their mix of soft and resistance materials is ideal for outdoor use.
  • Given their characteristics, these wheels have been equipped with a rigid hub which supports the polyurethane tread.
  • The completely smooth surface of the wheels offers an instantaneous and extraordinary grip.
  • Thanks to the grooveless surface of the wheels, the Helium can be used right away with no adjustment period.
  • Available in a neon yellow color and one diameter: 64mm.
  • Available in sets of 8 wheels (It is at the discretion of each reseller to sell units in smaller quantities).


* However, it is advisable to avoid particularly irregular and uneven surfaces. Avoid off-road use.

Roll-Line does not sell directly to the public; to complete your purchase, please refer to an official reseller.









HUBShockproof Thermoplastic Elastomer
FINISHTurned and ground

NOTICE:Factors such as humidity, dust, etc., can negatively influence the grip of the wheels on the skating surface.
For this reason it is preferable to have a variety of different types of wheels depending on where the training and competitions take place.
Changing the wheels does not require an adjustment period, but it is necessary to ensure that the wheels have a similar state of wear with respect to one another when equipped. To determine how to mix different types of wheels, please see the appropriate guide.
For more info on how to change wheels, please watch the video tutorial.

It is advised to verify the condition of your equipment at every use.
In particular, it is advised to check:

  • the state of wear of the wheels
  • the secure closure of the lock nuts on the wheels
  • the proper roll of the bearings


It is advisable to periodically clean the wheels, taking care to:

  • remove the bearings
  • remove the dust with a rag
  • wash the wheels with water and a light, neutral soap
  • avoid harsh products such as alcohols, gasoline, etc.

It is recommended to substitute the wheels in a timely manner, to guarantee the optimal performance of the equipment.
Substitute the wheels once the edges are rounded to a cone-like shape, as indicated in the following graphic:

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