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The cushions are a fundamental part of the skates and must be always maintained for a maximum state of efficiency.

  • The cushions for the Matrix frame are specific to this model.
  • Made with elastomer, they provide a quick and fluid responsiveness that permits a correct execution of edges.
  • Constituted of an upper part (larger), and a lower part (smaller).
  • The upper cushion for the Matrix has a lowered profile which offers a better center of gravity, providing better precision and balance.
  • Available in 5 hardnesses (colors).
  • Available in kits of 4 pieces (4 top or 4 bottom). (It is at the discretion of each reseller to sell units in smaller quantities).
Roll-Line does not sell directly to the public; to complete your purchase, please refer to an official reseller.




Green - Grey - Light blue - Clear - Yellow


h. 15 mm Ø 28 mm - Lowered


h. 15mm - Ø28mm - Conic

MATERIALAcrylic rubberNatural rubberElastomerElastomerElastomer
COLORSWhite (standard)White, green, brown, yellowGreen, Grey, Light Blue, Clear, YellowGreen, Grey, Light Blue, Clear, YellowGreen, Grey, Light Blue, Clear, Yellow
TOP CUSHIONStandardStandardStandardLoweredLowered
BOTTOM CUSHIONStepStepConicConicStep

Each plate size comes furnished with a specific cushion hardness.
If the needs of the athlete differ, a replacement cushion kit can be purchased separately.
Please consult the guide to select the most appropriate cushion.

Color of the
GreenGreyLight blue
REFERENCE WEIGHTUp to 45kgFrom 45 to 55 kgFrom 55 to 65 kg
FRAME SIZE140 - 150160170 - 180

Turn the kingpin nut with the tube wrench in a clockwise direction to tighten the cushions, or in a counter-clockwise direction to loosen them.
Starting at the reference point of 0 indicated on the click cup, it is possible to adjust the nut marked by the numbers 1-8, in order to find the optimal personal setting.
Be careful to respect the utilizable limits when making adjustments to avoid malfunctions and/or damage.

It is advised to verify the condition of your equipment at every use.
In particular, it is advised to check:

  • the absence of cracks or missing pieces from the surface of the cushions.
  • the correct closure of the kingpin nut.

It is recommended to replace the cushions every 6 months to guarantee optimal performance.

It is preferable not to replace the cushions too close to competitions (i.e, within 1 week).
The replacement of cushions varies the action of the trucks which necessitates a proper adjustment time.

For additional information on how to replace cushions, please see the video tutorial.

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