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Abec 9-8mm

Abec 9-8mm

Bearings are a fundamental component of the skate and guarantee (if correctly maintained) an optimal level of roll for the wheels.
The bearings Abec 9 are designed for high performance and are the best option in their category.

  • The minimal level of radial movement which evenly distributes the load on the spheres, guarantees an unparalleled level of smoothness and roll.
  • Suitable for all plates with 8 mm axles
  • When equipped on the Linea, the bearings must be used with the spacers included with the plate.
  • Reinforced steel casing with a 7-ball cage, immersed in carbon to provide additional self-lubrication.
  • Hermetic, removable rubber protection to prevent the entry of dust, and to facilitate cleaning and lubrication.
  • Supplied in sets of 16 pieces as an extra accessory (any retailer may sell smaller units).
Roll-Line does not sell directly to the public; to complete your purchase, please refer to an official reseller.


9 (608-Z-C3)

Central hole

Ø 8mm

Outer diameter

Ø 22 mm



DIMENSIONSØ 8 mm (int.)
Ø 22 mm (ext.)
7 mm ( depth)
Ø 8 mm (int.)
Ø 22 mm (ext.)
7 mm ( depth)
PROTECTIONZZ shieldedZZ shielded

It is advised to verify the condition of your equipment at every use.
In particular, it is advised to check:

  • the correct roll of the bearings, which must be fluid and free of noise
  • the secure closure of the lock nuts on the wheels


It is advised to periodically clean the bearings, being mindful to:

  • Remove the bearings from the wheels using the correct bearing press
  • use the products specified from the Roll Line© lineup for cleaning and lubrication*
  • avoid harsh products such as alcohols, gasoline, etc.


*These products may not be available in some countries or regions

If used extensively (for frequent training and competition), it is advised to replace the bearings every 6 months to guarantee the optimal performance of the equipment.
Regular cleaning and lubrication contributes to a better lifespan of the product.

It is recommended to always have a spare set of bearings to use in the approach to, or during competition to increase the velocity of the skating.

For more information on how to clean the bearings, please see the tutorial video.

Notes for use with the Linea plate

It is mandatory to use the spacers supplied with the plate.

It is very important to periodically check the condition of the spring washers.
It is good to consider this component as a consumable part, with use, in fact they tend to flatten and do not guarantee excellent functioning. In particular, if not promptly replaced, unpleasant problems may occur such as:

  • lateral rocking of the wheels
  • unforeseen unscrewing of the wheel axles
  • possible loss of wheels
  • loss of central bolt

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