Mini stopper

Mini stopper

The Mini Stopper is designed to substitute the classic toestop for the execution of skating movements that do not require the use of a toestop, but still protect the frame and the skating surface.

  • The Mini Stopper has all of the characteristics necessary for a quality toestop, being abrasiveness, grip, and durability.
  • The Mini Stopper is the best choice for all levels of dance skating, and is recommended also for Jam and Rhythm skating.
  • The Mini Stopper is available with metric sizing and in white.
  • Thanks to their unique formula, Roll Line© toestops do not leave marks on the skating surface, and ensure a long lifespan even on rough surfaces.


NOTE: Roll Line© toestops have a stem with metric measurements. Please check for compatibility with other brands.

Roll-Line does not sell directly to the public; to complete your purchase, please refer to an official reseller.

Abrasion resistance








ABRASION RESISTANCE***************************
LEVELFirst steps - Simple jumpsSimple/Double jumpsDouble/Triple jumpsTriple jumpsTriple/Quad jumpsIn LineDance-Jam-Rhythm​

It is advised to verify the condition of your equipment at every use.

In particular, it is advised to check:

  • The correct tightness of the toestop screw, checking that the toestop does not rotate
  • The presence of grease on the toestop thread to guarantee a tight seal
  • not to tighten the toestop screw with excessive force to avoid stripping the thread.

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